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Content Marketing Company

All we do is write about your kinda techy things.


Things like 3D printing, factory automation, Lean manufacturing.

We write in plain English so YOUR clients can understand.

About Content Marketing Company

The Content Marketing Company has always been passionate about writing about things other content writers don't know how to write about. (Hm. That sentence doesn't sound quite right, but it's true.)


All our clients are B2B, somehow related to manufacturing, logistics, 3D printing, Lean manufacturing, factory automation, or software.


As part of our writing process, we love immersing themselves in our projects—diving headfirst into the research, production, and fine-tuning of your content. 

Give your blog the boost your clients are looking for, without getting distracted from your core products and services.


Writing technical blog posts is our core service. Let's build your content.

3D Printing
Conveyor Belt
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Kickstart your content

You know you're "supposed to" do content marketing. We know you're busy. And we know it's hard to put the work you do into words your clients will understand.

Starting at only $195/month, we'll front load your blog with top-quality, well-researched and well-written  content.

One blog post a month

Within 30 days, we'll have 5 blog posts ready for you to upload to your website.

And every month we'll send you another.

Every other week

We'll get 10 blog posts to you to start - yep, also within 30 days.

Then we'll send you a fresh blog post every other week, for you to upload to your website.

Every week a new blog post

Ready to REALLY get your blog cranking? 

We'll frontload your website with 10 blog posts, within 30 days.

Then we'll send you a fresh blog post every single week.

Meet Rosa

Civil engineer, technical writer

Meet Rosa, the civil engineer who writes about all things technical. From safety valves to heat exchangers, she's the expert who will bring clarity to your blog posts.

Rosa May photo_edited.jpg

Introducing Lisa: our in-house Lean consultant

Lean manufacturing guru, writer, golf enthusiast

Introducing Lisa, the seasoned expert in Lean manufacturing and food processing. With her wealth of experience, she's the perfect writer for all your blog posts on these topics and more, including factory automation. Get ready to take your knowledge to the next level with Lisa.

Lisa avatar_edited.jpg

Say hello to Lynn: all things 3D printing and software

3D printing theorist, writer, digital explorer

Say hello to Lynn, the seasoned writer who's been covering 3D printing, CRMs, and software for years. With her extensive knowledge and passion for the topic, she's the perfect fit to write your blog posts on all things related to 3D printing and software. Trust Lynn to bring your content to life with her expertise.

Lynn Whitney photo headshot_edited_edited.jpg
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